Parallel Colt 0.7.2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use FloatBuffer3DConsumer
cern.colt.buffer.tfloat Fixed sized (non resizable) streaming buffers holding float elements connected to a target objects to which data is automatically flushed upon buffer overflow. 

Uses of FloatBuffer3DConsumer in cern.colt.buffer.tfloat

Classes in cern.colt.buffer.tfloat that implement FloatBuffer3DConsumer
 class FloatBuffer3D
          Fixed sized (non resizable) streaming buffer connected to a target FloatBuffer3DConsumer to which data is automatically flushed upon buffer overflow.

Constructors in cern.colt.buffer.tfloat with parameters of type FloatBuffer3DConsumer
FloatBuffer3D(FloatBuffer3DConsumer target, int capacity)
          Constructs and returns a new buffer with the given target.

Parallel Colt 0.7.2

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