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Interface DoubleFunction

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractContinousDoubleDistribution, AbstractDiscreteDistribution, AbstractDoubleDistribution, Beta, Binomial, BreitWigner, BreitWignerMeanSquare, ChiSquare, DoubleMersenneTwister, DoubleMult, DoubleRandomEngine, DoubleUniform, DRand, Empirical, EmpiricalWalker, Exponential, ExponentialPower, Gamma, Hyperbolic, HyperGeometric, Logarithmic, MersenneTwister64, NegativeBinomial, Normal, Poisson, PoissonSlow, StudentT, VonMises, Zeta

public interface DoubleFunction

Interface that represents a function object: a function that takes a single argument and returns a single value.

Method Summary
 double apply(double argument)
          Applies a function to an argument.

Method Detail


double apply(double argument)
Applies a function to an argument.

argument - argument passed to the function.
the result of the function.

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