Parallel Colt 0.7.2

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Packages that use DoubleDoubleProcedure
cern.jet.math.tdouble Tools for basic and advanced mathematics: Arithmetics and Algebra, Polynomials and Chebyshev series, Bessel and Airy functions, Function Objects for generic function evaluation, etc. 

Uses of DoubleDoubleProcedure in cern.jet.math.tdouble

Fields in cern.jet.math.tdouble declared as DoubleDoubleProcedure
static DoubleDoubleProcedure DoubleFunctions.isEqual
          Function that returns a == b.
static DoubleDoubleProcedure DoubleFunctions.isGreater
          Function that returns a > b.
static DoubleDoubleProcedure DoubleFunctions.isLess
          Function that returns a < b.

Parallel Colt 0.7.2

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