Parallel Colt 0.7.2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use DoubleMatrix2DProcedure
cern.colt.matrix.tdouble Matrix interfaces and factories holding elements of double data type. 
cern.colt.matrix.tdouble.algo Linear Algebraic matrix computations operating on DoubleMatrix2D and DoubleMatrix1D

Uses of DoubleMatrix2DProcedure in cern.colt.matrix.tdouble

Methods in cern.colt.matrix.tdouble with parameters of type DoubleMatrix2DProcedure
 DoubleMatrix3D DoubleMatrix3D.viewSelection(DoubleMatrix2DProcedure condition)
          Constructs and returns a new selection view that is a matrix holding all slices matching the given condition.

Uses of DoubleMatrix2DProcedure in cern.colt.matrix.tdouble.algo

Methods in cern.colt.matrix.tdouble.algo with parameters of type DoubleMatrix2DProcedure
static int DoubleStencil.stencil9(DoubleMatrix2D A, Double9Function function, int maxIterations, DoubleMatrix2DProcedure hasConverged, int convergenceIterations)
          9 point stencil operation.

Parallel Colt 0.7.2

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