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Packages that use StaticFloatBin1D
hep.aida.tfloat.bin Multisets (bags) with efficient statistics operations defined upon; This package requires the Colt distribution. 

Uses of StaticFloatBin1D in hep.aida.tfloat.bin

Subclasses of StaticFloatBin1D in hep.aida.tfloat.bin
 class DynamicFloatBin1D
          1-dimensional rebinnable bin holding float elements; Efficiently computes advanced statistics of data sequences.
 class MightyStaticFloatBin1D
          Static and the same as its superclass, except that it can do more: Additionally computes moments of arbitrary integer order, harmonic mean, geometric mean, etc.
 class QuantileFloatBin1D
          1-dimensional non-rebinnable bin holding float elements with scalable quantile operations defined upon; Using little main memory, quickly computes approximate quantiles over very large data sequences with and even without a-priori knowledge of the number of elements to be filled; Conceptually a strongly lossily compressed multiset (or bag); Guarantees to respect the worst case approximation error specified upon instance construction.

Parallel Colt 0.7.2

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